Who am I

Hey, thanks for stopping by. I’m delighted to know that you wanna know who I am.

If you are a solopreneur, blogger or an entrepreneur who wants to increase the reach of your business through content, you’re at the right place, and it is worth reading this page.

Before you read my story, here’s a small gift from my side. I bet you’ll find it useful if you (or your team) write web content, especially articles.


So, I am a full-time mom and a blogger.


Big Story Short-

Way back in October 2015 after cutting my teeth on academic writing, I started my own blog from scratch.

I fell and stood up and fell again. This is how I learned to blog. As they say, hard work pays, the blog did not just give me a steady source of income but left some great experiences to share with you.

So, I created this blog.

I am a HubSpot certified content marketing professional and a “rising star” content creator at UpWork. I work with multiple companies as a content consultant, content strategist and content contributor. And as I am doing, I am learning things from the bottom, and I wanna share all of this with you.

So, what you can expect from me on this blog?

I will hand hold you through the process of creating content for your business most professionally. Believe me, I made huge mistakes in my blogging career, and I am glad I did because there is no other way of learning blogging than experimenting. From changing button colours to publishing a variety of content to even converting my blog into a forum and a community, I tried a lot. No matter what I tell you, I will always ask you to experiment my findings on your own audience.

So are you ready to up the reach of your business?

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Nice people nice words

Shweta is hard working. She always provides prompt replies to my questions. Her quality of work is also good, never misses a schedule and would amend and complete all changes as requested. Would recommend to colleagues in the future. Well done Shweta!

- Stephen Chen -

I've only started working with Shweta but already know she is one of those rare writers you do anything to keep. Smart, detailed, well-researched — her work is clean on the first go.

- Cate Barker (Editor GoDaddy) -

Shweta has been working with us for just over a couple of months now, but her commitment to work is absolutely remarkable. She makes it a point to take complete ownership of the task at hand and delivers very satisfactorily and always on time. She is a very dedicated professional with good research acumen. We are happy to have an asset like her as a part of our growing team.

- R. M. Singh (Senior Marketing Manager at EngageBay Inc.) -